Haft en paus

Hi everyone,

(First of all I'm writing this on an Australian computer so I will b writing in English since it's easier.)

Anyway I've had a bit of a break on the blog and a do apologize for that. Right now I have school holidays and I haven't had school since September 19th but school starts again on Monday. I've spent my holidays in Bendigo with my Hannah and my host aunty and uncle. It's been a lot of fun. We went to the Melbourne show which is this big event in Melbourne, its like a big carnival basically. Then we went to Echuca and went down the Murray river on a steam boat which was a great experience.

Pictures will come when I get home to Portland (I'm still in Bendigo). Pictures of everything I've done before this update will come when I get home as well. I will get better at this blogging thing I promise.


- Dani


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